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{How to [Remove] a Shower Drain}

Part 1

Lubricating Your Shower Drain

1- Purchase a drain lubricant to loosen the bathe drain.

2- Check your drain for clogs before you loosen it.

3- Dry your shower drain before making use of the lubricant.

4- Coat the bathe drain in the lubricant.

Part 2

Unscrewing and Loosening the Drain

1- Check the bathe drain for screws.

2- Insert 2 nostril pliers into the drain openings.

3- Grab the plier handles firmly with both hands.

4- Continue twisting the drain until it is entirely loosened.

Part 3

Lifting the Shower Drain Out

1- Grasp each of your pliers firmly and carry the shower drain out of the hole.

2- Keep your grip consistent as you raise the drain out.

3- Inspect the drain after removal.

4- Replace the drain if you cannot repair it.

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